The Agile Growth Playbook

The Agile Growth Playbook is a set of 9 principles I used to build Ambition’s marketing strategy.

Every company who works with me implicitly adopts the Playbook for their own company. As you’ll see below, it’s very simple.

  1. Create epic content in two forms:

    1. Thought Leadership on your philosophy.

    2. Flywheel storytelling about client success (referring back to your philosophy).

  2. Package content for maximum distribution:

    1. Articles

    2. Video/Podcast

  3. Get it in front of clients by any means necessary:

    1. Social Media

    2. Email

  4. Leverage content to enhance authentic relationships with clients and audience:

    1. Put clients in the foreground of customer stories.

    2. Map to audience of good-fit. (Using data about personas)

  5. Use volume and consistency of output to establish trust and credibility.

    1. Play the long game with return-on-investment from content.

    2. Build channel partners and press relationships over time.

  6. Build the brand.

    1. The brand is what other people say about you - they describe your value.

    2. Bolster the brand with clear statements of philosophy - see 1a.

  7. Manage the entire customer lifecycle.

    1. Content should serve the entire customer lifecycle or funnel.

    2. Ensure maximum value from published works.

  8. Track and analyze the entire funnel.

    1. Use technology to analyze what content and channels drive results.

    2. Triple down on what is working and fix areas with room for improvement.

  9. Emphasize Process, Details, and Fundamentals.

    1. Create transparent, consistent workflow.

    2. Strike balance between speed and quality control.

The Playbook is simple and costs borderline nothing to execute. Best of all, it delivers compound return-on-investment. 

Companies can run this playbook on its own or in addition to paid marketing programs. Future posts will flesh out the 9 tactics with examples of what we did at Ambition.